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VirTis Freezemobile 35EL Freeze Dryer Sentry 2.0 Lyophilizer w/ 48-Port Manifold

Refurbished and Guaranteed with a 90-Day Warranty
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Refurbished 35 Liter Freeze Dryer with All New

Vacuum Hoses, Tested to Meet Manufacturer Specifications for Cooling and Exceed Vacuum Specifications

This VirTis 35EL Freeze dryer has been refurbished by our in-house technician,

who recharged and refilled refrigerants, tested the vacuum system, replaced

small parts, and regreased the dryer.

Having confirmed the integrity of the instrument and performed service, it can

be trusted to reliably serve for many years to come.

Refrigeration Refilled, Topped-Off, and Balanced

We know that the refrigeration system is the most failure-prone component of

a freeze dryer. Our technician serviced the first and second stage refrigeration

system, invigorating the freezing capability of the instrument. His work included:

- Flushing the refrigerant from the first-stage system

- Refilling first-stage system with fresh refrigerant

- Adding refrigerant to the second-stage system

- Balancing the refrigeration load of the two compressors

- Replacing and adding insulation to chamber and hoses

Having performed this service, the system now reaches -81°C at an ambient room

temperature of 21°C. The manufacturer's specifications are -82°C at 20°C ambient temperature,
so this system is considered to meet specification.

EXCEEDING Manufacturer Specifications with New Vacuum Lines and Fresh Oil

This system is pulling to 9mT, exceeding manufacturer specifications by 6 mT.
Our technician replaced the aging
vacuum lines with the newer style, more

durable, gum rubber vacuum hoses, improving the vacuum integrity. The door

seal can also be a leak point, so it has been replaced. The vacuum oil was changed.

This system includes an optional vacuum oil filter. If you choose to install this option,
the vacuum pressure will not achieve specification and may only achieve 196mTorr.

Other Services Performed

Our technician performed smaller, detailed service to provide the finishing

touches to the system. This includes:

- Regreasing the system, including the manifold and valves

- Replacing the shut-off valve for bath drainage

- Testing the shell bath

Includes a 90-Day Warranty for your protection

We realize that buying second-hand can be unnerving, so we offer a 90-day

warranty on all of our working instruments to protect you against any equipment

failure or defects. If anything goes wrong, our in-house support is only a phone-

call away.

Fully-Featured Model Equipped for High Throughput

- Large Capacity 35L condenser chamber: Even at maximum drying, the

chamber can accommodate about 42 hours of drying

- 24-port tree manifold for large-batch processing

- Shell-bath for pre-freezing sample with optimal surface area (See SP

Scientific’s website for information on shell bath’s)

- Front-facing oil access for Built-in Vacuum Pump allowing easy service.

- Front-facing drainage valves for condenser chamber and bath, simplifying


- Smooth-Walled condenser chamber for speedy defrost cycle

Manufacturer Specifications

Please note that these specifications are for a new instrument from the

manufacturer and may not be accurate on all points for this instrument.





Control Panel Model

Sentry 2.0

Serial Number


Power Requirements

208/230V Ph1, 30A, 60Hz

Maximum Low Condenser Temperature (°C) 60Hz or 50Hz

This unit -81C

Manufacturer: -85C / -82C

Maximum Low Temperature for Optional Shell Bath (°C) 60Hz / 50Hz

-70C / -67C

Condenser Capacity in 24 hours*


Condenser Capacity Total


Condenser Surface Area

750 in2 / 4838 cm2

Vacuum Pull Down Time to 100 mT (0.133 mB) (minutes)

≤20 minutes

Lowest Vacuum mT / mB (Refrigerated, Dry and Empty)

15 mT / .0198 mB

Dimensions Inches

(W x D x H)

35 x 36 x 37

Dimensions Centimeters

(W x D x H) cm

89 x 91 x 94

Approximate Weight

(lb / kg)

450-500 / 205-225

* This specification is based on freeze drying water as aggressively as possible.
The ability to collect ice is application dependent and your actual rate will most likely be lower