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Thermo Haake C50P Recirculating Chiller Bath with Phoenix II Controller

Tested and confirmed to cool to -44° Celsius
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The Thermo Scientific Haake C50P is verified to be in great working condition by New Life Scientific technicians. At room temperature, the maximum cooling capacity achieved in testing was -43°C; the heating function works, but it was not tested to a specific temperature. Manufacturing specifications describe the C50P should be capable of chilling to -47°C and heating to 150°C. All controller buttons respond and the flow and circulation are confirmed to work strongly and unimpeded. The instrument is in good cosmetic condition, showing scuffs and marks from regular use; there are faded paint stains on the right side from a previous chemical spray or splash. The chiller includes the newer Phoenix II controller with an easy to read display panel; the instrument was photographed with a Phoenix I head that was removed. The external control alarm circuit continues to search for an external alarm, even when the option is disengaged. The head was beeping and had an error while continuing to search for the external alarm. The technicians have inserted a dummy plug in the back of the head to sate the port that is searching for a plugged-in alarm.

More information on the Thermo Scientific Haake C50P can be found here.


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