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Stratagene Robocycler Gradient 40 Thermal Cycler with Hot Top[

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Microprocessor-Controlled RoboCycler is a Four Block Laboratory Thermal Cycler. Technician Tested.
  • 3 Heating Blocks and 1 Cold Block
  • 40 ct. precision cut wells
  • Designed to decreases cycling time by up to 30%
  • Robotic Arm moves samples from block to block

Heating Blocks

The first 3 blocks can be used for temperatures ranging from 25

C to 99C, and Block 4 can be used for temperatures ranging from 6C to 25C. One of
the blocks (Block 2) can even be programmed for a temperature gradient.
This allows
samples within the same run to be exposed to temperatures varying in the range of 45 to
99C. depending on the model.

Robotic Arm
Samples are moved from one block to the next via a rotating, robotic arm. Because of the movement from one temperature block to the next, it is not necessary for the machine to take time ramping like most PCR machines.

Tested In-House For Your Peace Of Mind

Our technician tested and fully operated every aspect of this cycler.
Testing included:

  • Power on and initialized
  • Ran a cycle allowing the needed time to preheat and cool the blocks
  • Robotics moved and functioned without issues
  • Manual available upon request

Includes a 90-Day Warranty for your protection

We realize that buying second-hand can be unnerving, so we offer a 90-Day Warranty on all of our working instruments to protect you against any equipment failure or defects.



Catalog Number

RoboCycler Gradient 40

Serial Number


Power Requirements

100/120V, 50/60Hz, 4A