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StemCell RoboSep 20000 Automated Magnetic Cell Separation Isolation Cytometry

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The StemCell RoboSep instrument utilizes immunomagnetic particles to perform positive and negative separation of cells based on target cell surface antigens. For positive separation, the magnetic particles cling to the targets and then the EasySep magnetic field is activated, pulling the cells of interest in one direction and allowing the user to pipette off the supernatant solution. Inversion of the magnetic field allows for additional negative selection, separating out the unwanted cells. The cell separation technology is better explained in the manual provided below in the table link.

This RoboSep is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition; this product was acquired from a third party and arrived in exceptionally clean condition. New Life Scientific staff noted that this instrument has minimal signs of use. The technicians attached the tubing and reagents required to test the Robosep. The robotic arm and carousel are mechanically intact and fully-functional, positioning the tip head correctly and homing with ease. The end-users will need to purchase consumables and reagents relevant to their application; New Life Scientific does not stock reagents or consumables and has included everything that was originally acquired with the RoboSep. Please see the table below for a list of catalog numbers and included sealed and opened consumables. The internal log and reporting system dates back to June 2011, presumably from the first calibration, but the technicians did not quantitate the hours or tests that this system has performed. This instrument includes a used-working product warranty and we ask that you contact New Life Scientific for details. For any product questions, feel free to contact us--we are here to help!


StemCell Technologies Inc.


RoboSep 20000
Research Only
Original Calibration June 2011

Serial Number

User Interface: 4.6.0
Instrument Control:
Up to 4 Samples (2x109 cells each)
Sample Vol. 250 uL to 8.5 mL
27x15x22" and 72 lb
Part Number - (#) Title
20125 - (17) Tip Racks

20110 - (8) Sealed RBC Lysis Buffer
              (1) Opened

07060 - (1) Sealed 3% A.A. w/ Methlyene Blue

07906 - (1) Sealed Hetasep Hetastarch Sol'n
              (1) Opened

20119 - (1) Open Tip Head Polish

20155 - (1) Open Package Robosep Tube Kit

(1) Carousel w/ (4) Magnets
(1) Vial Rack
(1) Buffer Bottle Adapter Plate
(2) Open Nuclease Free Water Sol'n
(4) Waster Tubes
(1) Sample Tube
RoboSep 20000 Manual

Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all of our products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

While New Life Scientific takes many steps to ensure that our instruments are in perfect working order we cannot ensure that all products are up to manufacturer specifications. We recommend every product undergo professional installation and calibration before use in research, production, and clinical applications. For this reason, we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our working products in the interest of maximum customer satisfaction.