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Siemens Advia 1800 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer W Universal Rack Handling System

90-Day Warranty. Uninstalled by Siemens on 02/2018.
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Key Points

- Professionally uninstalled by Siemens on Feb, 2018

- Power-Tested - still has shipping blocks in place from Siemens uninstall

- Excellent Cosmetic Condition

- Manufactured November 2011

- Universal Rack Handling System is optional: contact us if you do not require this part of the system

- 90-Day Warranty


(1) Siemens Advia 1800 Chemistry Analyzer

(1) Universal Rack Handling System

(*) Three different versions of Advia 1800 software, which includes the current version available 2.03

(*) 17" monitor, keyboard, mouse, serial cables, power cables, operator guide, racks, rack holder, rack trays, mixer motor modification kit, reagent bottles, and other assorted software

This instrument is warranted functional and protected by our 90-day warranty.

Technician’s Review

Our in-house technician inspected and power tested this Siemens Advia 1800 Chemistry Analyzer. The technician contacted Siemens (Siemens phone number is 877-229-3711 prompt 18) and confirmed that the 2.03 is the current software for this analyzer and that it was professionally uninstalled by their technicians. The system seems to have little wear and/or use. Since there are 3 versions of software for the analyzer that leads the technician to believe the maintenance was kept up on this system. He left the shipping blocks in place and didn't try to run any tests to ensure that the Siemens technicians were the last to handle the system. It is advised that the end user contact Siemens to have them professionally install the system to ensure that it is at its peak maintenance and performance.

Mfg. Year

November 2011

Ref. Number

Advia 1800

Serial Number


Power Requirements

200-240V, 50/60Hz, 13-15A



Ref. Number

Universal Rack Handling Sys.

Serial Number


Power Requirements

110V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A