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Scientific Indust. SI-1200 Enviro-Genie Refrig. Incubator Rotator Rocker Stirrer

Fully Functional with Accessories & 90-Day Warranty
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Fully Functional SI-1200 Enviro-Genie

Excellent Working Condition

This awesome laboratory equipment does it all in one unit, with refrigerated, incubator, rotator, rocker and a stirrer. It will quickly achieve the temperature of 37ºC and when prompted it will drop to 4ºC in approximately 50 minutes.

The magnetic tray makes changing clip plates, trays, and other holding accessories easy: It just slides on and off. Reversible magnetic stirrers are inside the bottom of the unit. Changing methods is user-friendly and easy.

The EnviroApp (for Windows 7, 8, and 10) and a manual is current and available from the manufacturer for download with all the different accessories you could need and pricing at

Included Accessories for Enviro-Genie

- 1x Stackable Shelf (#SI-1131) $55.59

- 1x Non-Skid Tray (#0A-1200-001) $74.46

- 29x Clip Plates (#SI-1121) $133.69 per 6-pack

Includes a 90-Day Warranty for your protection

We realize that buying a second-hand instrument can be unnerving, therefore we offer a 90-Day Warranty to protect you against any equipment failure or defects.

Technician Tested

Our technician confirms that the Enviro-Genie is a fully functional unit. Testing was done on the following:

- Temperature settings responsive to settings

- Unit rotation, rocking and stirring (smoothly and quietly)

- RPM and Rev Time can be set to protocol specifications


Scientific Industries



Serial Number


Power Requirements

120V, 60Hz, 5A


(W x D x H)

24.5 x 19.5 x 14.75 in

This unit is for the study of microorganisms and tissue cell growth under strictly controlled conditions of temperature and agitation. It is designed to provide the security of precise temperature control and uniformity for demanding incubation/refrigeration applications without taking up a great deal of space.