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Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 3000 Tissue Processor Histoprocessor 4619 Miles Scientific

Reliable unit with all bottles & baths. 90 day warranty

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Fully Functional VIP 3000 Benchtop Tissue Processor
This Miles Scientific Tissue-Tek VIP 3000 (model 4619) has been thoroughly tested with excellent results here at the New Life Scientific tech shop.

...I could just end the description there. I could simply say, "We've already told you it works. What more do you need?" and go back to playing Minesweeper.

But that's not how things work here at New Life Scientific. No; here at NLS we give you the info you need to feel at ease clinching the deal.

So here's why this VIP 3000 is what your lab needs.

We Ran Over 2 Dozen Cycles, So Its Functionality is Guaranteed
(That's 2 dozen more than some competition.)

Most of those runs were minute-long cycles designed to stress-test the heaters. The rest were overnight runs, which simulate real-world usage scenarios.

No issues arose during any of the runs, indicating excellent overall health. We are confident VIP 3000 has years of life left.

(If any problems do arise, just give us a call -- you're protected by our 90-day warranty.)

It Has a Full Set of Bottles and Wax Baths
This VIP 3000 already has everything needed for usage. As you can see in the photos, all reagents and wax baths are present.

Please note that the 2 waste bottles on the right side of the bottom shelf are from a different model of VIP; as such, they are a bit smaller than their VIP 3000 counterparts. That is why we fabricated a metal plate to elevate them. The instrument's functionality is not affected by these bottles.

We installed a new power supply as well.

It's a Tried & True Machine
Tissue-Teks are certainly an older series than some competition. Their longevity testifies of one thing: reliability. Tissue-Teks are robust workhorses and the VIP 3000 is no exception. Though it's obviously seen usage over the years (as evidenced by the scuffs and paint chips), it will continue to perform well for a long time yet.

It's that premium performance at our pre-owned price that makes this unit a worthwhile investment.

We're an Experienced Tissue Processor Dealer
New Life Scientific is a regular seller of a variety of models of tissue processors from Sakura, Leica, and Shandon. We have experience in servicing and repairing them and know how to ensure they are functioning properly. We dont just power on our instruments, but we test all of their core features and repair issues.





Tissue-Tek VIP 3000

Model No.


Serial No.


Retort Capacity

300 Specimens

Wax Baths


Electrical Requirements

115VAC, 60Hz, 1340VA

Dimensions (W x D x H)

40" x 24" x 25" (101.6 x 60.96 x 63.5 cm)

We offer you an affordable option for pre-owned tissue processors without the risk of buying an untested, unwarranted instrument from an unproven seller. Over the years dozens of organizations have chosen us as their solution, from small labs to major universities, like The Ohio State University.