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Sakura Tissue-Tek DRS-601 Programmable Diversified Automatic Slide Stainer

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Tested, Functional Sakura DRS-601 Slide Stainer
in Good Condition with 90-Day Warranty

Another well made slide stainer from Sakura, this DRS-601 has been inspected and
tested by our technical staff, confirming it to run without error and all components
functional. Performance of the control panel, display, and robotic arm is fast and

This stainer can carry three baskets at a time and each basket can hold up to 60
slides. It can also store up to 16 unique programs, each with 22 steps in which
you can specify which of the 21 stations to use and for the amount of time to use it.

Well Made Stainer with Smooth Robotic Arm

Even though there is some aging on this slide stainer, it’s still in great working condition,
showing just how well made the components of these older slider stainers are. The robotic
arm is especially well made, still looking good and providing smooth performance during
a variety of programmed runs.

There are some small scratches and scuffs on the exterior, but there is no damage to
the instrument.

Successfully Programmed and Executed Multiple Runs

Our technician inspected and tested this slide stainer, programming and executing
multiple runs without error, easily navigating the menus, and changing settings as
needed. Each button on the control panel works well and the display is clear and bright.

Each of the stations has a number and can be assigned a reagent, so that when
editing or reviewing a program the station number AND name are displayed (i.e.
hematoxylin, eosin, 80% Ethanol or xylene etc), rather than forcing the user to
memorize or refer to a chart to determine the proper station number, reducing
the chance of mistakes or ruining a sample.

The following tests were performed by our technician:

- Initializes without error
- Programmed and executed multiple runs
- Navigated throughout menu with ease
- Control panel buttons are all responsive
- Display is clear and bright

Comes with Rinse and Reagent Reservoirs

This stainer comes with all 3 trays, 2 rinse reservoirs, and 18 reagent reservoirs.
It’s missing 1 reagent reservoir, slide racks, slide rack hangers, and the DE-31 fume
hood. While this can be operated without the fume hood, it’s not recommended.

The following is included with this system:

- Sakura DRS-601 Stainer
- 2x Rinse Reservoir
- 18x Reagent Reservoir
- 3x Tray
- Power Cable

From Professional Dealer to your Facility

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of positive
customer experiences (just check out our eBay reputation!). You can have confidence
in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing that we have actual in-house
technicians who inspect, test, service, and repair the various instruments we receive.

After examination and thorough cleaning, products often leave our shop meeting
manufacturer specs.

When you buy from New Life Scientific, you’re free to contact us at any time for
after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even after
your warranty expires.

90-Day Warranty for your Peace-of-Mind

We realize that buying pre-owned can be unnerving, so we include a 90-day warranty
on our equipment to protect you against any equipment failure or defects. If anything
goes wrong, our in-house support is only a phone call away.






Serial No.


Applicable Staining Method

Papanicolaou staining
H&E staining

Solution Container


Washing Container


Slide Basket


Process Capacity

20 glass slides x 3
(maximum 60 glass slides)

Solution Container Capacity

1,100 cc

Washing Container Capacity

600 cc to 850 cc
(water level adjustable)

Washing Method

Running water overflow type

Water Supply

Supply from city water

Water Pressure

Maximum 8.5 kg/cm2 (120 psi)

Power Requirements

115V, 60Hz, 0.8A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

46.5 x 26.5 x 20.5 in


65 kg