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Roche COBAS TaqMan 96 Automated Real-Time PCR Amplification Detector Analyzer

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The Roche Cobas Taqman is an automated 96-sample assay amplification and detection analyzer. This instrument offers real-time PCR analysis for DNA and RNA samples in one closed system. The Taqman runs a three hour cycle with minimal specimen handling, and communicates with Amplilink software (not included) for data analysis and uploading results to the LIS.

Condition & Evaluation

The Taqman-96 analysis system is in excellent cosmetic condition and was evaluated by New Life Scientific technicians. The Amplilink software required to control and perform data analysis is not available to NLS, and the technicians were unable to fully-test the system. The Taqman was powered on and all motors responded and the 'ready' light lit at the end of initialization. This product comes with a thirty-day warranty that protects the buyer from received a defective or damaged product without the option for reimbursement. Please contact NLS for warranty details and additional product information. If you are in the market for parts or motors, there are several unlisted Roche Cobas parts and shells available in the eCommerce store and warehouse. (Please note that the instrument photographed will not be the exact instrument delivered. You will receive the condition equivalent power cord.)


Roche Diagnostics


Cobas Taqman-96

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 *The table photographed is not included with this product. These photos may not be the exact instrument received and the buyer should be aware that the side views and back are conditional representatives. The photos were altered because the Taqman was originally photographed on a pallet.*

Warranty & Disclaimer

Our products have likely been decommissioned and decontaminated by the original owner. However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, all of our products are professionally decontaminated with a water/bleach mixture, as well as other cleaning agents.

While New Life Scientific takes many steps to ensure that our instruments are in perfect working order we cannot ensure that all products are up to manufacturer specifications. We recommend every product undergo professional installation and calibration before use in research, production, and clinical applications. For this reason, we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our working products in the interest of maximum customer satisfaction.