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Precision Biosystems BlotCycler W4 Automated Western Blot Development Processor

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For Parts or Repair - Precision Biosystems Automated Blot Development Processor

This Precision Biosystems BlotCycler W4 automated Western blot development processor has been tested and found to be non-functional.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Our technician was able to power the system on, but it did not open the main
menu as was expected.

We then found that pressing F1, F2, F3, and F4 each raised different error
numbers. The other four buttons all outputted a key lock message.

The technician did find that one could start a run by pressing the F keys fast
enough and in certain sequences, but the run would only initialize on the left
side. Thus, we know that the left side of the instrument works completely, but
the right side cannot be tested.

This instrument offers the most value to someone who is looking to
harvest parts or who has the knowledge required to repair it.

Serial No. 393063