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Photon Systems Instruments Model FMT 150 Photobioreactor w/ Power Supply Parts

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PSI Photobioreactors are used for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria. They feature a unique combination of the cultivator and monitoring device. Light power and spectral composition as well as the temperature and aeration gas composition can be set with a high accuracy. In addition, cultivation conditions can be dynamically varied according to a user defined protocol. Light, temperature, and gas composition can oscillate with various amplitudes and frequencies. The growth of the cultures is monitored by the integrated densitometer (OD 720) that measures light scattering at 720 nm. Chlorophyll content of the culture can also be monitored continuously by the differences of optical densities at 680 and 720 nm (NDVI). The instantaneous physiological state of the culture is measured by the Photosystem II quantum yield (Fm-Fs)/Fm.

All PSI Photobioreactors have a flat-vessel design that enables bringing uniform illumination over the whole volume of cultivated culture. The Photobioreactors are currently manufactured in five standard versions differing in the volume of their cultivation vessels: 400 ml, 1000 ml, 3000 ml, 25 L, and 120 L. (Excerpt from Photon Systems Instruments)

The FMT 150 photobioreactor (version 150.2) and power supply are in good cosmetic condition. There are spots on the body of the bioreactor where rust has formed, but it does not hinder the mechanical integrity of the instrument. The functionality of the FMT 150 was tested by New Life Scientific technicians; the white LEDs were powered on and the temperature/pH cable was used. NLS used a non-sterile pH probe to test the bioreactor chamber with software; they have confirmed that the results were inconsistent and unlike the other tested FMT 150 systems that were working. Unfortunately, there is no software included in this listing but the customer can contact Photon Systems Instruments for the netbook and software, or additional licenses. The technicians received a software quote which is available below, along with a link to the digital manual for supplemental reading. There are additional parts available from New Life Scientific in separate listings including: 400 mL cultivation vessels, white LED light panels & power supplies, and cables. Please note that the 'error 6' (displayed) indicates the instrument is not connected to a probe during photography. The instrument photographed may not be the exact one received; however, this FMT 150 is a representation of the condition and functionality for the quantity available in this listing. For more information, please contact New Life Scientific or see the embedded links.


Photon Systems Instruments


FMT 150

Online Reference Literature

PSI Photobioreactor FMT150 Manual

Serial Number


Cultivation Vessel

 400 mL


Power Supply (S/N matching)
Temp/pH probe cable
Power Cord

PSI Software Quote

Netbook & Software- 3400.00 USD
Additional Licenses- 355.00 USD (each)

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