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Photon Systems Instruments FMT-150 Photobioreactor Bacteria Cultivation Vessel

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This 400 mL photobioreactor vessel is compatible with the Photon Systems Instruments FMT-150 bioreactor. This FMT is used to cultivate cyanobacteria, algae, and bacteria in a  medium. New Life Scientific has several vessels, LED lights, and photobioreactors available in separate listings. Please note that the vessels are in good condition, but have been engraved and may show slight wear from inserting and removing them from the FMT-150 instruments. Please note that there are different attachments on the vessel lid.  For more information, please see the excerpt and link below from the PSI FMT-150 manual below.

The standard cultivation vessel has a capacity of 400 ml, 1000 ml or 3000 ml (depending on the unit ordered). It is made from flame-proof glass (thickness 3.3 mm), stainless steel (AISI316L), duralumin with black eloxal coating, silicone sealing, and Lukopren S6410T glue. Each vessel is tested and autoclaved (20 minutes at 120 °C) by the manufacturer before distribution. (See page 27 in PSI Photobioreactor FMT150)