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Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope 0.9 Abbe Condenser PLAN Objective Oil Immersion

Fully Functional - Includes 90-Day Warranty
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At a Glance
* One Nikon E400 (10x/22 oculars)
50x / 0.90 Oil Plan W.D. 0.40 Objective
10x / 0.25 W.D. 10.5 Objective
0.9 Abbe Condenser
* Power Cord Included

This microscope is in excellent condition, Includes two objectives.

Technical Testing and Evaluation
New Life Scientific technicians tested the objectives, light, and oculars. The technicians performed basic cleaning and lubrication maintenance. The lamp powers on and the iris adjusts, but the customer may wish to professionally clean the objectives. The focus knobs and stage adjustments all function without error.



Serial Number



Eclipse E400


100-120V, 0.8A, 50/60Hz


11.5W x 16D x 16H

Manufacturers Product Overview
"The Eclipse E400 features a quintuple revolving nosepiece and Nikon's CFI60optical system. Included in the system is a series of universal objectives that enable the use of various observation techniques, such as brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, epi-fluorescence, or phase contrast, without the necessity of changing objectives. Also, since the optics are infinity-corrected, many types of intermediate tubes and accessories, including epi-fluorescence attachments and illuminators, drawing tubes, teaching heads, polarizing analyzers, and eye-level risers, can be inserted into the parallel light optical path between the objective and the convergent tube lens without degrading the image." (These statements are not guaranteed or tested by NLS)