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Molecular Devices / Genetix Qpix 2 XT Automated Arraying Bacterial Colony Picker

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This Molecular Devices / Genetix QPix2 TX Arraying Picker is in excellent cosmetic condition. We can not test this unit because we do not have the computer and software needed to do so, but we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee. This unit comes with everything pictured. If you have any questions, please contact us.



Manufacturers Description:

It can replicate existing arrays from 96 or 384 well plates, and re-array 384 well plates to 96 well and 96 & 384. Picking and subclone management with bioinformatics integration. Picks a defined number of clones from a tray or dish. Cherry picks subclones with 100% accuracy into microwell plates. Used by major sequencing centers in the Human Genome Project. Today QPix solutions isolate clones derived from poor quality, degraded DNA, small nuclear-encoded regulatory RNA and for disease mapping. Unique gridding module of QPix2 XT arrays picked colonies onto filters for hybridization/screening. Extra stacker capacity for destination plates facilitates high throughput demands.


Eliminate risk of manual errors and DNA carryover

Track from sequence to well

Check ambiguous sequences (match picker log data with sequencer output)

Track deep well plates used for colony outgrowth prior to sequencing.

Cherry-pick selected clones with high accuracy - Eliminate risk of double sequences or no growth

Pick single colonies from sectored plates into deep well plates for DNA isolation and mammalian cell transfection

Create duplicate libraries and generate sub-libraries to maintain clone viability and remove redundancy

Replicate master libraries into working libraries

Screen and identify 10 positive clones in a library of 100,000 clones using sufficient probe to cover only 4 filters

Array up to 25000 duplicates on a single filter for hybridization QPix2 XT is the solution of choice when creating BAC and DNA libraries, especially when providing an efficient alternative to time-consuming, error-prone library screening techniques.

Variety of applications:

Colony picking (e.g., E. coli, yeast, phage, blue/white, baculovirus)

Library replication

Re-arraying (hit picking)



Phage Display

Protein Engineering


Clone Management

Library Screening

RNAi Arrayed Libraries

Additional Benefits:

High capacity for larger screens

High flexibility in experimental design

Single colonies obtained by plating enriched library selections

Array on to filters for hybridization (QPix2 XT only). QPix solutions are recommended by library providers such as MorphoSys. They form an integral part of antibody fragment discovery programs of pharmaceutical suppliers.



Software: Dedicated software pre-installed on high specification PC, Microsoft Windows XP (Professional SP2)

White light imaging: Trans-illumination

Tracking: 1 x barcode reader for tracking of source and destination plates


Containment: Optional Class 100-type HEPA filtration

Source plate for sampling and spreading: 1 x 96 well plate (QPExpression only)

Destination plate when spreading: 2 x 22 cm QTrays (QPExpression only)

Picking destination plate type: Various, 96 or 384 well, including deep well

Picking source plate type/capacity: 2 x 15 cm Petri Dish; 10 x 9 cm Petri Dishes; 4 x OmniTrays; 2 x 22 cm bioassay QTrays

Destination plate capacity: QPix2 XT: up to 210 low profile plates, 70 per stacker lane, maximum 3 stacker lanes

QPExpression: up to 140 low profile plates, 70 per stacker lane, maximum 2 stacker lanes

Picking head: Fully pneumatic, 96 pin picking head. Interchangeable heads for other applications

Picking pin size: Range of organism-specific pins

Picking capacity: 30000 colonies per day

Wash bath: 3 x Static wash baths

Picking system fluids: Bath 1: 1% bleach; Bath 2: dH20; Bath 3: ethanol

Pin drying: Proprietary halogen pin drying station

Gridding kit (optional): QPix2 XT: capacity 6 x 22 cm membranes. QPExpression: not available

Plate replication (optional): Software license and additional head

Re-arraying (optional): Software license and additional head

Instrument dimensions: 2850 mm (width incl. monitor arm x 730 (depth) x 2050 mm (height)

Instrument weight: 411.5 kg (including table and compressor)