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2015 Molecular Devices EMax Plus Microplate Reader Protein Quantification ELISA

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The Molecular Devices EMax Plus microplate reader is capable of performing a number of data analyses such as enzyme and protein quantification and cell viability within flat or round microplates. The reader employs a tungsten halogen lamp at a visible wavelength of 400-750 nm and includes 8-filters in the visible range to perform specific assays.


This EMax Plus is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition, without signs of use or aging. This product was manufactured in 2015. There is no on-board lamp and it will need replaced prior to use.

Technical Evaluation
New Life Scientific technicians have tested this instrument for functionality and inspected it for excessive dirt or damage. The technicians have confirmed that this product is operational and had no signs of extensive wear or mishandling. Using software (not included) that was preinstalled on a PC workstation (not included), the eMax performed several readings. Unfortunately, the lamp used will not be included.

Testing consisted of sampling a microplate that was preloaded with beads and a second microplate containing distilled water and a shop derived sample. The analysis software performed readings on both plates, noting absorbances that were appropriate and consistent with loaded wells.

*Without the lamp and software, this product will not perform readings.*


Molecular Devices


EMax Plus


Serial Number


Manufactured in 2015

Manufacturer Specifications

Lamp- Tungsten Halogen

Filters- 8 (405-595 nm)

Wavelength- Vis (400-750 nm)

Plate Type: Round/Flat 96 Well


31.5x18.2x43.5 cm & 14.52 lbs



Protein Quantification



Cell Viability

While New Life Scientific takes many steps to ensure that our instruments are in perfect working order we cannot ensure that all products are up to manufacturer specifications. We recommend every product undergo professional installation and calibration before use in research, production, and clinical applications. For this reason, we offer a 90-day warranty on all of our working products in the interest of maximum customer satisfaction.