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Guava PCA-96 Flow Cytometer w/ CytoSoft Software & Registered Assay Codes

Tested comprehensively. Includes CytoSoft software
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Fully Functional Guava PCA-96 Cytometer

Streamlines cell phenotyping

The Guava PCA-96 is a powerful, yet flexible, flow cytometer that, in the words
of the manufacturer, streamlines cell phenotyping, drug discovery, and cell
culture monitoring and screening via its turnkey assays. Its integrated sample
tray supports one 96-well microplate and up to ten tubes per run.

This Guava PCA-96 has been thoroughly tested according to our standard process
(more info on that below) and proven to be 100% functional, giving you the
assurance that you will receive a fully-functioning instrument.

Excellent Replacement Unit: Swap With Your Broken PCA-96

This system does not include a flow cell or PC. However, it does come with:
- CD with Cytosoft 2.5.5 software
- Guava PCA training CD
- Registered assay codes for Nexin, Viacount, Express, MultiCaspace, TUNEL,
Cell Cycle, CellPaint, and CellToxicity
- Power cable

The buyer is responsible for acquiring a Windows PC, consumables (GuavaCheck
kit, cleaning solution, assay reagents, microplates, syringes, additional flow
cell, centrifuge tubes).

With this configuration, we believe this PCA-96 would be best suited for someone
simply looking to replace their PCA-96.

Our Guava cytometers come professionally packaged with a shipping block
installed for proper protection of your instruments stage.

Experienced Techs, Comprehensive Testing

The technicians here at New Life Scientific are more experienced with Guava
cytometers than almost any other instrument. They know the procedures a labora-
tory technician goes through to maintain their cytometers, so they run every
Guava through those processes to evaluate not just their mechanical integrity,
but their real-world functionality.

You can find a detailed outline of the testing procedure at the end of
this description.

You Know the Science - We Know the Machine

New Life Scientific is an experienced and knowledgeable dealer of Guava cytom-
eters, including the EasyCyte, EasyCyte Plus, and PCA-96. Our in-house technicians
and their testing and service processes ensure that youll get an cytometer that
runs smoothly and effectively every time.

When you buy a PCA-96 from New Life Scientific, youll also be getting a re-
source for post-sale support.

Even after your warranty expires, we remain your reference source for technical
questions that may arise.

90-Day Warranty for your Peace of Mind

Buying pre-owned can be unnerving. We realize you want assurance in your
purchase, so we include a 90-day warranty on our equipment. If anything goes
wrong, our in-house support is only a phone-call away.

Support for Instrument Longevity - In addition to our 90-day warranty,
we offer you continued support from our technicians, including technical ques-
tions and consulting.
We may be able to offer exchange or back-up units in a pinch.

Our expertise with Guava cytometers is what sets us apart from the
competition and ensures that you get the best possible product.

We offer both standalone cytometers and units with computers. All computers are
preloaded with Microsoft Windows, CytoSoft, and the newest supported BIOS.

Manufacturer Specifications


Millipore / Guava



Serial Number


Mfg. Date

November 2003


100-240V, 50/60Hz, 120W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.25 x 22.25 x 14.5

(41.28 cm x 56.52 cm x 36.8 cm)

New Life Scientifics Cytometer Testing

Standard procedure for every Guava PCA-96

Comprehensive Testing Protocol

Our first step in testing a Guava PCA-96 is to confirm the flow cells health
with a pump test and repair or replace it if it demonstrates poor flow.

After testing the flow cell, we then open the instrument up and clear any
clogs with Millipore's own GuavaCheck solution and Guava Instrument Cleaning

After flushing the lines, we then measure the fluorescence intensity with genuine
Guava beads and reagent, ensuring that the results correspond with Guava's
predefined standards. The results of this test will indicate any issues with the
laser or flow cell. If any issues crop up, we replace the appropriate component.

All Assays Registered

We then verify that each assay is registered with Millipore, which allows us to
run routines with them. The user has no need to worry about purchasing and
registering assays - we include them with every Guava cytometer we sell!

Shutdown Procedure

As the final step of our testing and service process, we run through the follow-
ing shutdown procedure:

(1) Running the GuavaCheck and Guava Instrument Cleaning Fluid
solutions through the lines

(2) Removing the flow cell

(3) Securing the stage to keep it still during shipping