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Molecular Devices Genetix Qpix 2 XT Automated Arraying Bacterial Colony Picker

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At a Glance

-Excellent Cosmetic Condition

-For Parts / Repair (Incomplete Boot)

-Includes: Manuals, Cable Cords,

Technical Evaluation

The QPix-XT 2 was powered on in the technician's shop, but the internal drives did not complete booting. The Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 drives status indicators displayed 'L' on the digital readout, but the third continued to actively cycle. The technicians were unable to troubleshoot this error and recommended that the QPix is sold for parts. A qualified technician or Allen-Bradley representative will need to resolve the digital servo drive error.

The 'Flashing L' indicates that the "drive is in an overtravel condition and motion restrictions are in effect." (Allen-Bradley Ultra3000 Digital Servo Drives, Publication 2098-IN005C-EN-P--March 2008: p.98).


This instrument is in excellent cosmetic condition and includes a number of extras. The technicians were unable to resolve troubleshooting with the digital servo drive and NLS will sell this product for parts / in need of repairs. The technicians do not have the time or resources to reprogram the erroneous servo drive(s).




Serial Number

QPix2 XT
Manufactured--May 2011


Power Cord
Photographed Cabling (Only)
Application Guides

Power Requirements

120 VAC

Manufacturer's Description:

It can replicate existing arrays from 96 or 384 well plates, and re-array 384 well plates to 96 well and 96 & 384. Picking and subclone management with bioinformatics integration. Picks a defined number of clones from a tray or dish. Cherry picks subclones with 100% accuracy into microwell plates. Used by major sequencing centers in the Human Genome Project. Today QPix solutions isolate clones derived from poor quality, degraded DNA, small nuclear-encoded regulatory RNA and for disease mapping. Unique gridding module of QPix2 XT arrays picked colonies onto filters for hybridization/screening. Extra stacker capacity for destination plates facilitates high throughput demands. (These statements are not guaranteed by New Life Scientific, Inc.)

*There is no warranty expressed or implied for this product because it is being sold for parts / repairs. The technicians have described this product as dysfunctional and it will not perform as intended. *