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Leica / Vision Biosystems Bond-Max Automated IHC/ISH Slide Stainer

Manufactured in 2005. Powers on.
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For Parts or Repair -  Leica Automated IHC/ISH Stainer

If you’re reading this, then it’s a safe bet that you either have a Bond-Max in
need of new parts, or are looking to fix one up.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re offering a Bond-Max that powers on and initializes without issue. A
successful initialization indicates working parts - more specifically, parts
that can be swapped out with their broken counterparts in your system.

Tested to Power On

Because this machine is missing its glass, our testing was limited to simply
powering it on.

It boots up perfectly, with the indicator LED going from amber to green after
a beep is emitted.

The instrument’s chassis has definitely seen some wear, with some moderate
scuffing on the panels and a crack above the door on the right panel. The fluid
bay door on the front panel doesn’t close properly and also has cosmetic issues.

Despite the chassis’ wear, the interior seems to be in fine shape. So with this
unit, you can swap out whatever broken part is in your Bond-Max for a
functional one from this unit.

(Except for the glass, of course.)