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Leica ASP300 Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor Histology Pathology ASP300

Cleaned, Tested, and Functional. 90-day Warranty.
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Refurbished Fully-Featured Tissue Processor from an Experienced Dealer Guaranteed with a 90-Day Warranty

As we do with all of our tissue processors, this Leica ASP-300 tissue processor has been tested and refurbished by our in-house technical staff and is ready for years of service in your lab. Unlike other casual sellers, we offer you the security of having tested all aspects of this instruments, and including a 90-day warranty.

This processor was manufactured in 2004 and is in excellent shape with minimal paint chips or blemishes

Fully-Tested by In-House Technicians

Our own technician tested this tissue processor according to our normal testing procedure by putting it through actual processing functions in manual and programmed modes, including:
-Pumping fluids
-Heating the oven and retort
-Draining fluids

The rotary valve was cleaned by running xylene and alcohol through all ports. Seals on the reservoir bottles, ovens, and retort were cleaned and the system is functioning properly without leakage or blockages.

After testing, we flushed the system with alcohol to clean the lines for storage.

Experienced Tissue Processor Dealer

New Life Scientific is a regular seller of a variety of models of tissue processors from Sakura, Leica, and Shandon. We have experience in servicing and repairing them and know how to ensure they are functioning properly. We dont just power on our instruments, but we test all of their core features and repair issues.

We offer you an affordable option for pre-owned tissue processors without the risk of buying an untested, unwarranted instrument from an unproven seller. Over the years dozens of organizations have chosen us as their solution, from small labs to major universities, like The Ohio State University.

Support for Instrument Longevity

In addition to our 90-day warranty, we offer you continued support from our technicians, and can offer repairs if the need arises. We have spare parts on hand and, depending on our stock, can offer exchange or back-up units in a pinch.

Fully-Featured Instrument at an Attractive Price-Point

The Leica ASP300 distinguishes itself from its similarly-priced older counterpart, the Sakura E300, by being more user friendly and offering convenient features that save you time and simplify your workflow, including:

-Touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use

-Transfer and Save programs on floppy disks

-Longer paraffin life with vacuum cleaning of the wax

-Mechanically fill bottles using external reagent reservoirs and eliminate pouring (Requires optional fittings)

-Physical stir bar as opposed to Sakura air stir

-About 10 years newer than similarly priced Sakura model

Full Set of Reservoir Bottles Included Customer Must Provide Tissue Basket (Available Separately)

What does refurbished mean?

Refurbished means that our technicians have taken steps to test the instrument and ensure that it is running to manufacturer specifications. They may have had to replace
or repair components. Often, they may have serviced it (Like our tissue processors), leaving it in better shape then when it arrived. For details, check the listing's text.

We do not list equipment as refurbished if it does not reach manufacturers
specifications or is not in excellent cosmetic condition considering its age.

We realize that a lot of dealers throw around the word refurbished and it can be
unclear to you what that exactly means. Thats why we are open about what work
we perform so you dont have to guess what we mean when we say refurbished.






Date of Manufacture






Power Requirements

100-120V, 50-60 Hz- 1000VA

Dimensions (LxWxH)



309 Lbs

Accessories Included

2 Power cords, All jugs