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Harvard Apparatus BTX ECM 2001 Electro Cell Manipulator Electroporation 45-0080

Voltage Tested. Guaranteed with a 90-Day Warranty.
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ECM 2001 Electrofusion System in Excellent
Condition with 90-Day Warranty

Having been inspected and voltage output tested by our technician, this electrofusion
system from BTX Harvard Apparatus is in excellent physical condition and is available
to you
for a fraction of the original $19,000 price.

It also comes with a 90-day warranty so you can have confidence in each step of
the process from packaging the instrument at our facility to operating the instrument
in your laboratory.

In Excellent Condition - Purchased in May 2011

Originally purchased in May 2nd, 2011, this system is still in excellent physical
condition. Every surface looks great with only a few tiny scuffs and scratches on
the side panels. All the knobs, buttons, and lights on the front control panel are
in excellent working condition, actuate well and give precise control of the available

Voltage Output Tested by Technician

Our technician was able to succesfully test the output voltage using a multimeter,
however, since this system did not come with accessories or consumables, running
it through complete testing wasn’t possible.

The following tests were performed:

- Powers on without issue
- Multimeter used to check for output voltage
- Voltage found, Set AC Voltage (RMS) checked
- Set Pulse controls checked
- All controls (knobs, buttons, and lights) checked

Supported by BTX

This system includes the ECM 2001 generator and power cable. If you need to add
accessories and consumables, then you can find them on the BTX website. They
have all the accessories you might need to operate the system.

This system includes the following:

- ECM 2001 Electro Cell Manipulator (P/N: 45-0080)
- Power Cable

Trusted Instrument Vendor

New Life Scientific is an experienced scientific vendor with a history of positive
customer experiences (just check out our eBay reputation!). You can have confidence
in our technical evaluations and our warranty knowing that we have actual in-house
technicians who inspect, test, service, and repair the various instruments we receive.

After examination and thorough cleaning, products often leave our shop meeting
manufacturer specs.

When you buy from New Life Scientific, you’re free to contact us at any time for
after-sales support concerning any questions or issues that may arise, even after
your warranty expires.

Main Features of the ECM 2001

The ECM 2001 is a multifunctional electrofusion and electroporation square wave
generator with multiple features designed for applications such as cell fusion and
nuclear transfer.

- AC waveform of 1 MHz (optimal for fusion)
- Electroporation capabilities
- A wide range of voltages from 10 V to 3000 V
- Finer voltage discrimination
- Capable of operating at low impedance loads of 20 Ω

90-Day Warranty for your Peace-of-Mind

We realize that buying pre-owned can be unnerving, so we include a 90-day warranty
on our equipment to protect you against any equipment failure or defects. If anything
goes wrong, our in-house support is only a phone call away.



BTX Harvard Apparatus

Purchase Date

May 2, 2011


ECM 2001

Part No.


Serial No.


Alignment Frequency

Frequency: 1 MHz, fixed
Voltage: 0 to 75 VRMS
Duration: 0 to 99 sec

Post-Fusion AC

Frequency: 1 MHz, fixed
Voltage (VRMS): 1/10 of the alignment AC amplitude, attenuates with time
Duration: 0 to 9 sec

Electroporation HV Mode

Voltage: 10 to 3000 V peak
Pulse Length: 1 to 99 µsec

Electroporation LV Mode

Voltage: 10 to 500 V peak
Pulse Length: 1 to 99 msec, 0.01 to 0.99 msec

Number of Repeats

0 to 9

LV Mode

Less than a 20% V drop at the end of the pulse with the following constraints:
PL ≤ 25 ms, load 3 20 Ω
PL ≤ 1 sec, load 3 1k Ω
PL ≤ 10 sec, load 3 10k Ω

HV Mode

Less than a 10% V drop at the end of the pulse with the following constraints:
PL ≤ 600 µs, load 3 40 Ω

Power Requirements

100-120 V~, 50-60 Hz
1.6 kW max (peak)
85 W max (idle)


T,8 A, 250 V 5x20 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 x 15.5 x 11 in


22 kg (47 lbs)