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Bio-Rad PTC-221 MJ Research DYAD Disciple Peltier Thermal Cycler w/Alpha Block

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Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler PTC-221
Slave Unit For Parts
Good Condition With Scuffs

The DYAD Thermal Cycler is being sold as a parts unit.
This unit will power on but the motorized Alpha Block puts out blue smoke. Our technician believes this could be due to it being in an idle state for too long.

The dual 24 well Alpha Block units are in working condition. This is a slave unit and needs the primary to function properly.

The cycler was connected to a PC and it recognizes a connection, this verifies a basic test that the onboard logic/comm is working.

Technician's Testing and Observation
When the technician first tested the thermal cycler he connected it to 22oV, the motorized lid unit closed and opened, the lid motor has not cycled since that first power cycle. The technician noticed a slight blue smoke and powered it down, He believes that this could be from the unit being in storage and sitting idle for too long. When power is applied the fans do work and when connected to a PC it recognizes a connection. Since this is a slave unit there is no way to do a full test study.




PTC-221 Rev. D.A.

Serial Number


Power Requirements

200-240V, 50/60Hz, 1600W


18.25 x 10.25 x 11 in