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For Parts or Repair: Biacore 3000 Biomolecular Interaction Analysis BR-1100-45 SPR Biosensor

For Parts or Repair. Powers Up. Good quality parts.

Quick Overview

For Parts or Repair - Non-functional, but may be a great source of spare parts

Flat-Rate Freight ($285) - The instrument is web-wrapped to a pallet with shrink-wrap.
$2,699.95 $1,619.97
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Biacore 3000 Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer BR-1100-45 for Parts or Repair

Designed for biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) detection technology, the Biacore 3000 has a wide range of applications, able to analyze the interactions of proteins, protein conjugates, nucleic acids, lipid micelles and even larger particles such as viruses and whole cells.

After inspection and testing, our technical staff found this particular system to be in a non-functional condition. More information about the condition of this system is available below.

Interested in a specific part, but not the whole system?

Here at New Life Scientific, we work closely with our customers to meet their needs. If youre looking for a specific component from this system and arent interested in paying the price of the whole system, then please contact us. We are open to negotiating lower prices for individual components from the instruments we list for Parts.

Inspected by Technical Staff - Good Quality Parts

This Biacore 3000 was inspected by our technical staff, finding no evidence of part damage so if you are looking for a system to obtain parts from, you found it. It is a good looking instrument, but we unfortunately could not resolve the technical problems with it.

Control Software Reports a Pneumatic Problem

It was noted by our technician that this system did not go through the usual checks after being power on and initializing. And when connected to control software, this Biacore 3000 consistently reported the error code 92:188 which was found to be a pneumatic problem. We were unable to find a solution to this error.

We removed one of the syringe pump tube ferrules and will need replaced by the end user. Fluid delivery was not leaking prior to ferrule removal.






Code No.


Serial No.


Power Requirements

100-120 V / 220-240 V switched 47-63 Hz
580 VA max Fuses 2 T6.25A / 2 T3.15A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

30 x 14 x 24.25 in

Net Weight

50 kg (110.2 lbs)