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Beckman Coulter Z2 Particle Counter & Size Analyzer w/ Z1 Controller & Printer

Fully functional w/ Controller & Printer. Warranty.
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Fully Functional Beckman Coulter Particle
Counter & Size Analyzer - Includes Z1
Controller & Printer

Protected by 90-Day Warranty

The Beckman Coulter Z2 particle counter/size analyzer offers fast, accurate
particle quantification and analysis via the electrical sensing zone method, the
principle upon which all Coulter Counters operate.

Not only is our Z2 in excellent cosmetic condition, it’s also fully tested and
perfectly operational. Having been tested here at the New Life Scientific tech
shop, you can be sure that this general-purpose counter will be a risk-free,
budget-conscious answer to your needs.

Included with our Z2 is a Z1 instrument controller and a printer, along with
sensors, cables, and documentation.

“Ideal for Sophisticated Time-Dependent Studies”

While Beckman-Coulter advertises the Z2 as a general-use counter, the Z2
shines in time-sensitive procedures, such as cell proliferation or cytotoxicity

Full Functionality, Guaranteed

The printer and sensors packaged with this Z2 were pulled from another
instrument. We reconfigured the printer so it would properly interface with
the Z2.

After cleaning the system thoroughly with a bleach solution, we found a tube
with a leak that let air in but prevented fluid from flowing out. After repairing
the leak, one of our technicians then recalibrated the system, adding more
beads after the system detected that the sample was too diluted.

After the test, the system was flushed with distilled water multiple times to
ensure that the isotone was gone and there would be no crystallization in
the lines.

Printer, Controller, and Accessories Included - Start
Running Samples on the Day of Delivery!

Our Z2 comes packaged with a Z1 controller and printer, along with a waste
sensor assembly, diluent sensor assembly, power cables, and a manual for the
printer. A PDF of the instrument’s manual is available upon request.

Manufacturer Specifications


Beckman Coulter



Assembly No.


Serial No.


Electrical Requirements

100/120/230/240 V

47/63 Hz

55 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

10.4” x 14.0” x 17.5” (265 x 355 x 445 mm)


1.5 lb (13.5 kg)